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How long do I need to leave a suitcase in my below 0F freezer to ensure any bed bugs are killed?

The key is ensuring that the low temperature reaches all parts of the suitcase. If you intend to put items within the case, then leave the case open to allow thermal access or re-bag the clothes, in plastic carriers and putting them in separately.

The time is difficult to determine without knowing the variables, but if the freezer can take all the items easily, then 6 hours should be sufficient.

Overpacking the chest freezer will extend the time required as the temperature will need to penetrate through all the items.

Will I need to dispose of my mattress and any bedding if I have bed bugs?
My apartment was treated twice in 2 weeks. Since, I found 2 bed bugs in my couch, do I need to throw it away?
I have found bed bugs in my bed's wooden frame. How can I get rid of them? I have a steamer to help.
I think I have seen bed bugs but my pest controller did not find any, do I have bed bugs?
The hotel I'm staying in has had a recorded bed bug problem, will I be safe?
Are bed bugs a new insect?
My local pest controller has not been able to clear my infestation. What else can I do?

Can I tell if I have Bed Bugs from the bites?

What do Bed Bugs look like?

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