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Can I tell if I have Bed Bugs from the bites?
No. The reaction to Bed Bug bites varies from person to person and even from bite to bite. In some people, bite marks will not show up at all. The only way to tell if you have Bed Bugs is to find one. The BB ALERT® Active and BB ALERT® Passive Bed Bug detectors are the simplest and most cost-effective way to do this.
I have not seen any Bed Bugs since I had professional treatment, but I'm still worried. How can I be sure they are all gone?
The best way to confirm the complete success of any treatment is using Bed Bug monitors. Both the BB ALERT® Active and BB ALERT® Passive monitors are easy to use, and will provide the confirmation you need.
How did I get Bed Bugs?
Unfortunately, Bed Bug infestations are often hard to spot until they have developed into a significant problem. But they are a growing problem, which is caused by a number of contributing factors.
Are there pesticides in BB ALERT® products? Are they safe to use around the house?
The BB ALERT® products don't contain any pesticides - they are eco-friendly and safe for everyone to use. The ingredients that are used to attract Bed Bugs to the BB ALERT® Active monitor are routinely used in the food industry.
Can I carry Bed Bugs home on my clothes?
Possibly, but it's very unlikely. Bed Bugs are not usually active around moving bodies, and the clothes you are actually wearing are not a very stable or secure hiding place. Bed Bugs are much more likely to seek a gap in a backpack or briefcase that was left sitting in the infested area for some time.
I have found Bed Bugs. Should I throw out my mattress and furniture?
That will not solve the problem - Bed Bugs commonly live in many other places. The only solution is to successfully eliminate all the Bed Bugs. Treatments such as BB ALERT® O2PM are highly effective, pesticide free, and both safe and easy to use on delicate furnishings around your home. This is a considerably more cost-effective option.
Bed Bugs have gotten much worse in recent years. The alarming exponential growth of Bed Bug activity is the result of a combination of factors, including increased global travel, pesticide bans and modern lifestyle changes.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, global travel has become commonplace. And the Bed Bug’s natural behaviour makes it easy to transport. After feeding at night, it will retire to a protected crack or crevice to digest its meal. If that resting place happens to be in your luggage or other personal effects, the insects will be transported with them. They may not travel great distances – just to the office and back, perhaps – but each venture outside their usual territory gives the Bed Bugs another opportunity to establish itself.

At home, our increased use of central heating and air has also helped Bed Bug populations to grow. By keeping our houses at a constant, comfortable temperature, we’re inadvertently providing the optimum environment for the highest rate of Bed Bug reproduction.

Other wider environmental factors, such as the ban on DDT and other organochlorine pesticides for example, have also helped Bed Bug populations to increase dramatically.

With so many reported outbreaks of Bed Bug cases at home and abroad, it’s time to take action to protect your own home from Bed Bug infestation. Before it’s too late...

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Bed Bugs: exploding the myths

Bed Bugs spread disease >> Untrue

Bed Bugs have never been proven to have transmitted or spread a disease. However, there have been cases of people displaying allergy-like symptoms to Bed Bugs and their body parts. And the physical and psychological distress that results from a Bed Bug infestation is so damaging to some people that it has been described as a disease.

Bed Bugs are caused by low hygiene standards
>> Untrue

Bed Bugs infestations shouldn't be associated with poor hygiene standards - or with any particular social class or racial or ethnic group. Bed Bugs are just opportunistic; they're really not choosy about where they live or who they feed on.

They have been found in five-star hotels, in low-income housing and pretty much everything inbetween. So we all need to be alert for their presence.

If we just brought back DDT, we could deal with Bed Bugs >> Untrue

DDT and the other organochlorine compounds were banned from use for very good reasons. Knowing what we do today, re-using these products would be both unintelligent and unethical. Also, evidence shown by other pests that were once controlled by these products indicates that the pesticides' efficacy would not be so great today. Bed Bugs now show resistance or tolerance to many insecticides.

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